Since the glorious day I had my first orgasm (obviously from myself and not with another person), I have always gone through ups and downs with my sex drive. In a relationship, I am nearly insatiable. When I’m single, I could go weeks without even thinking about sex (let alone masturbation). It’s a constant back-and-forth cycle every time I meet someone and then the time following after it ends. After a casual relationship ended last month, I felt myself going back to old habits. I didn’t have a reason to think of myself sexually, so the thought of masturbating slipped my mind. But I caught myself and decided to put an end to the cycle, once and for all: I would masturbate every single morning for a month.

Why Morning?

There are many health benefits of orgasms, from better moods and sleep to stronger heart health. I knew about these already, but what made this experiment interesting was how it would affect me if I focused all of my orgasm attention on those beautiful wee morning hours. First of all, I wanted to see if my productivity would wax or wane. In the past with partners, having sex in the morning got everything out of my system first thing, so I could focus on work and the tasks at hand rather than all about how I would finally get laid later. However, I’ve also seen the opposite, wherein having sex in the morning merely piques my appetite and it’s all I think about all day. So this morning masturbation thing could very well be a disaster for my work life (granted we do get this whole article out of it, so…).

Morning also just made sense for me, and it felt like a time of day I could commit to. I plop into bed after dozing off on the couch watching TV far too often to see myself finding a way to incorporate this new ~me time~ into my night every single day. But as a certified morning person, I can always make time.


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What Happened Week 1

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, my adventure began. The first few orgasms were delicious and pushed me to keep going day after day. Because this is a marathon, not a sprint, I intended to start this journey with just my own devices (read: fingers). I was exploring my body and seeing what I could do with just what I had, but that lasted exactly 10 minutes before I grabbed a vibrator and did the deed about five minutes later. I’ve learned that I just get a better orgasm with a vibrator, and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. My vibe of choice the first week was the beautifully classic vibe from Maude—a vibrator so sexy that it rivals most of the actual humans I’ve slept with.

As far as my productivity went, I saw a bit of a change this week but nothing too wild. I still hit my usual 3 p.m. slump, but I did feel really in the zone during my peak hours (7 to 10 a.m.). Once I hopped out of bed and got ready, I was excited to get on with my day, which I can’t say is how I feel 100% of the time.


What Happened Weeks 2-3

But then, doubt started to settle in. Was it actually possible to have Sally Albright-level orgasms every day? Surely, I would get bored, right? Oh, the contrary. I am lucky to have a vibrator collection that is much larger than the normal person’s (perks of airing out my sex life on the internet), and I made use of it. I employed a handful of vibrators that I kept on the ready in my nightstand, and I chose which one to use every day based on my mood. I recruited a classic bullet vibe, my favorite clitoral suction vibrator, this wild-looking-yet-amazing finger vibrator, and the Maude one, and I felt enthralled the entire time. Had I used the same vibrator or method of masturbation every time, I’m not sure if I would’ve gotten bored, but as with all things sex, changing things up kept me excited.


Doubt started to settle in. Was it actually possible to have Sally Albright-level orgasms every day? Surely, I would get bored, right? Oh, the contrary.


Throughout these few weeks is when I noticed my mood go up ten-fold. Going to bed knowing the only thing you need to do when you first wake up is touch yourself is a killer to the Sunday scaries. Then, after my sesh, I felt excited to get on with my day. I didn’t linger around in bed like usual; I hopped right up, made my coffee, and got on with my day. It was bliss. 

All this masturbating made me significantly hornier than I expected, and there were days I masturbated twice. I’d rather gouge out my eyes than swipe on Bumble right now (it’s a phase), but I found myself considering swiping on the app because I’m itching to go on a date (and ya know). If I was in a relationship, I know this would heat up my sex life. 


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What Happened Week 4

Week four is when it really got interesting. Up until this point, I was having an orgasm (sometimes plural!) every single day. But for the first time, I masturbated without orgasming—and it somehow wasn’t horrible. I don’t deal with an inability to orgasm often (at least when it comes to using a vibrator; with a human is a different story), but when I do, it leaves me annoyed and frustrated—feelings you never want first thing in the morning. But not every session had to end in an orgasm to feel good, and that was eye opening. I still felt satisfied, and it allowed me to explore my body and give my body a little bit of a break. When I knew it wasn’t going to happen (we just know), I spent more time feeling sexy and getting in the mood, and that helped my body relax a lot even without the orgasm. 


For the first time, I masturbated without orgasming—and it somehow wasn’t horrible.


Final Thoughts

If your sex life needs some reviving, this is an experiment I couldn’t recommend more. My daily orgasm made me sleep better, improved my mood, made me feel extra productive, and gave me a lot of sexual confidence. I felt excited about sex in a way I normally wouldn’t be with just myself. 

I went through this experience single, but I almost wish I had done it while I was in a relationship. It’s so easy to get in a groove with your sex partner, and before you know it, sex just becomes this standard thing that you both do but put minimal thought into. I’ve been there plenty of times where I felt like I couldn’t guide my partner to help me orgasm or have better sex because I felt so out of tune with my body that I didn’t even know the answer.

Will I continue masturbating every single day? No, but I feel equipped to make it a part of my morning routine most days—because why not start your day with a little ~me time~? 



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