It’s that time again. We’re highlighting some of our awesome online events coming up next month…and we want you to join us! Our virtual events connect travel lovers and travel content creators all around the world. And, in some countries, our in-person events are starting back up!

Some of these events are for Wanderful members only, so be sure to join our global community to make sure you don’t miss out! There are also public events that are open to all, whether you’re a traveler or a travel content creator. Wanderful members attend our regular events for free.

Without further ado, here are some upcoming virtual events for travelers and creators in August 2021.

Wanderful’s August Rundown

  1. 4 August: Wanderful Women Wednesday: Our Cornerstone Travel Chat!
  2. 7 August: Conscious Traveler Reading Club: Destination Wellness: Global Secrets for Better Living Wherever You Are (+ Special Presence from Author!)
  3. 13 August: Transformative Journeys with Moon Travel Guides
  4. 17 August: RV Life and Taking Your Business on the Road
  5. 25 August: What’s ‘Wanderful’ About Being a Member?

Virtual Events for Travel Lovers

August 4: Wanderful Women Wednesday: Our Cornerstone Travel Chat!

Free for all Wanderful members, open to the public

Lots of women on a zoom call waving.

Sisterhood, snacks, and socializing: Welcome to Wanderful Women Wednesdays!

Wanderful Women Wednesday is our signature monthly event, connecting our travel-loving community together in cities around the world. We’ll host themed conversations over our shared love of travel and gain forever friendships in the process.

Each event will be hosted by a different director of one of our 50+ amazing Wanderful chapters who will pick a monthly conversation theme and ask questions so we can share our favorite travel stories.

This event is great for:

  • Anyone who loves to travel
  • Travel creators + small business owners
  • Members of the travel industry
  • And more!

Free for Wanderful Members!

Are you a member of Wanderful? All members get *free* access to this event and events in Wanderful chapters around the world, plus an exclusive online member community, monthly webinars, and learning tools, and so much more. To learn more about being a member, click here. Prices start at only $9/month, so it already pays for itself from our Wanderful Women Wednesday events every month!

Our prize this month: We’re excited to offer a super fashionable DELSEY PICPUS messenger bag to one lucky winner at this month’s Wanderful Women Wednesday! Make sure you’re there live when we do the drawing!

This month’s hostess + theme: Join long-time Wanderful member, Christine Lozada, as she leads this conversation so we can share our favorite travel stories together.

How to participate: Bring a snack, beverage of your choice, and find a comfortable, relaxing spot. Turn your video on (or leave it off if you feel more comfortable that way). We welcome all Wanderful members for a fun time together!

Register to ATTEND

mEMBERS: rsvp for free

August 7: Conscious Traveler Reading Club: Destination Wellness: Global Secrets for Better Living Wherever You Are

For Wanderful Members only

Blue box with a drawing of an open book. With the title Conscious Traveler Reading Club.

Wanderful’s Conscious Traveler reading club is a community-led reading and discussion circle for our Wanderful members to be better informed and educated on how to be a better traveler. 

Each month we read and discuss a fiction or non-fiction book or reading centered around any number of topics that make us more conscious travelers, including ethical travel, social impact, anti-racism, racial justice, and the experiences and worldviews of other marginalized communities.

Special Guest Appearance!

We are so excited to be joined by the book’s author, Annie Daly, for our discussion! Feel free to come with questions you may have for Annie. Thrilled to have her with us!

About Annie: Annie is an NYC-based freelance writer, editor, reporter, and author with more than a decade of experience in national lifestyle media. Her specialties are travel and wellness, and she especially loves looking at how and where those two intersect. She’s so obsessed with this topic, in fact, she wrote a whole book about it! Destination Wellness (out May 11th, 2021 from Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books) highlights her trip around the world in search of healthy living philosophies. 

She’s also held staff positions at both digital and print publications, most recently at Condé Nast as the branded content editor at SELF. She was also the travel editor at BuzzFeed, and an editor at Yahoo! Travel, Cosmopolitan (print), and Good Housekeeping (print). 

Who is this for: This group is intended for anyone working to be better informed and educated on critical issues around being a better traveler. You can expect a safe space with open and honest conversation among women who want to learn and improve. Our meetings will never be recorded in order to respect privacy.

Members: rsvp to join

August 13: Transformative Journeys with Moon Travel Guides

Free and open to the public

Half the image is a map, with a hand holding a pen pointing at it. With a hat and camera on top. The other half has headshots of the panelists and writing detailing the information about the event.

Join travel guide authors Deborah D. Douglas, Minal Hajratwatla, Jennifer D. Walker, and Bethany Pitts as they discuss the idea of transformative journeys in travel—whether that be a road trip, an outdoor challenge, or an immersive international experience—with a mind toward cultural tourism, responsible and ethical travel, and environmental sustainability.

These authors will share their perspectives on how the destinations they cover are impacted by tourism, offer tips on how to engage with local communities without being a voyeur, and show listeners how an authentic travel experience can be truly life-changing. Deborah D. Douglas will moderate this discussion.

About the Panelists

Deborah Douglas, author of Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail, is an award-winning journalist, cultural critic, and thought leader specializing in the African American lived experience.

Deborah lives in Chicago, where she was born, but is a self-described product of the Great Migration: She started school in post-uprising Detroit and came of age in metro Memphis. After graduating from Northwestern University, she traveled the country as a reporter, landing in Jackson, Mississippi. She’s taught best practices to journalists in Karachi, Pakistan, taught in South Africa twice, studied HIV and malaria prevention in Tanzania, and traveled to Kenya, Tunisia, and Senegal, and throughout Europe. She is currently the Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor at DePauw University, creating courses to show student-journalists how to center marginalized voices in their work.

Minal Hajratwala first visited Fiji at age four, when she met her grandmothers for the first time and got a fishbone stuck in her foot. She returned numerous times, interviewing relatives and poring through archives to research her award-winning epic Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents. Called “incomparable” by Alice Walker and “searingly honest” by the Washington Post, the book won four literary awards in the United States. It opens with the story of her great-grandfather, who first migrated to Fiji in 1908.

While writing Moon Fiji, she was delighted to scout out local hotspots, talent, and natural beauty, underwater as well as above ground, as a PADI-certified diver. Having traveled to islands all over the world, from the Philippines to the Seychelles to the Bahamas, Minal finds that despite threats from climate change and globalization, Fiji remains one of the most welcoming and gorgeous places on earth.

Jennifer Walker is a British-Hungarian writer who grew up between Hungary and the UK. A PhD in Physics first took her to Madrid, Spain, where she stayed for 7 years. After casting off her hat as a nuclear physicist, Jennifer grabbed a new hat as a writer. She completed a journalism internship in Tbilisi, Georgia, before moving back to Budapest to reconnect with her Hungarian roots. She now mostly writes about travel, food, culture, and language in Central and Eastern Europe. She has written for National Geographic Travel, Condé Nast Traveler, Oxford Dictionaries, BBC Travel, The Guardian, and The Independent, among others. For Moon Travel Guides, she is the author of Moon Budapest & Beyond and co-author of Moon Prague, Vienna & Budapest.

Although Hungary is in her blood, Vienna is her City of Dreams: its wide boulevards and old-world cafés continue to inspire her, as she walks in the footsteps of Klimt, Freud, and Mozart. She feels at home in Budapest’s ruin bars and underground art hubs, Vienna’s cafés and museums, and prefers to spend the summers under the colonnades in the historic spa towns of Central Europe rather than on the beach.

When Bethany Pitts was backpacking around the world in 2004, she found the most magical experiences in Ecuador. She’ll never forget paddling silently through a jungle lagoon at night in a dug-out canoe, the water’s surface covered with lily pads illuminated by fireflies. Returning to Ecuador in 2009, she realized there was nowhere on earth she would rather be and relocated there soon afterwards. She has spent the last decade exploring the country’s astonishing diversity.

Bethany has worked as a translator, editor and writer, but her true passion is environmental activism. From indigenous defenders, she learned that community-led eco-tourism enables them to protect threatened ecosystems and unique ways of life. This led her to write Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands with a focus on ethical travel. She is passionate about enabling travelers to make informed choices about how their visits can directly benefit Ecuador’s unrivaled biodiversity, its warm, welcoming people, and the preservation of their ancestral traditions.

Originally from England, Beth lives in a small village on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, where she has hummingbirds and passionflowers in her garden.

Register to attend

Members rsvp here!

August 25: What’s ‘Wanderful’ About Being a Member?

Free and open to the public

Image has a collage of Wanderful women. And writing containing information about the event.

Feeling wanderlust? Get the low-down on the leading community for women who travel — and how you can become part of it.

About this event

If you missed travel more than anything in 2020, you’re one of us.

Now, the leading community for women travelers has a gift in store for you — and you’re going to want to know everything about it!

Welcome to Wanderful Membership

Imagine having instant access to a friend who can guide you, wherever you go in the world.

A sisterhood you can count on for tips on your next trip, someone to meet up with on a future journey, or a spare bedroom for the night.

A place where you can continue to learn and grow through completely free webinars, workshops, masterclasses, and more on topics like travel hacking, budgeting skills, and solo travel.

An international network that you can tap into right from your computer screen, for parties, book clubs, language circles, and even cooking classes.

A second home wherever you are in the world.

Join us for a special event with Wanderful’s founder and CEO, Beth Santos

You’ll learn all about what makes Wanderful special from Beth herself, plus a cast of active members who will give you all their best tips and advice for making the most of membership.



Virtual Events for Travel Content Creators

August 17: RV Life and Taking Your Business on the Road

For Wanderful Creator Members Only

A RV with bikes attached driving next to a lake with beautiful mountains in the background.

Questions about purchasing an RV? 

Black vs grey tanks? 

Is it possible to work from the road? 

How to deal with WIFI issues?

Join for a lively session on RV life and working while on the road… in an RV! When traveling is a way of life, trying to figure out the best ways to work, make money, and have fun can be an adventure. After 4 years of working, and delivering speaking presentations, from the road, Phylecia Jones has a few tips to share. From being an RV owner to understanding the tech to stay connected, get the answers you have been curious about. 

About Your Host:

Phylecia Jones is a two-time TEDx speaker, national TV financial contributor for Daily Blast Live, women in STEM advocate, co-host of the Humans Exhaust Me podcast, and Founder of iFind You Close helping speakers research and book more speaking engagements.

When Phylecia is not deep into researching the internet, she blogs about her eclectic list of ever-growing life experiences including baton twirling, performing with a circus, RVing across the USA, being a professional cheerleader, and achieving 100hrs towards being a yacht captain.

What She Can Offer: iFind You Close helps speakers take the guesswork out of finding events around the world that book speakers. Getting on stage is a gateway to traveling the world, building a brand, and getting your company’s message out to potential clients. Phylecia’s expertise will help you sort through the steps of searching for speaking opportunities, crafting a pitch that wins, or getting on stage with a message that converts and wows the audience.



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