How to Make Slushies at Home: 13 Slurpee Recipes to Try This Summer | Slurpees are an iconic summer treat for kids and adults alike, and they are incredibly easy to make! In this post, we'll teach you how to make homemade slushies, including what kitchen tools you need, tips for making healthier slushy syrup recipes and we've also included a list of our favorite homemade DIY slushie recipes you can make in mere minutes to help your kids cool down on a hot summer's day!

Summertime is synonymous with slushies! This cool treat has been a favorite of kids and adults alike for as long as we can remember.

You can find slushies anywhere from your local gas station or 7-Eleven to movie theaters and even big box stores.

But believe it or not, you can create your own delicious slushies at home in just minutes – and it’s easier than you may think.

This summer, try one of our 13 slushie recipes, guaranteed to put a smile on your kid’s faces!

7 Tips for Making the Perfect Slushies

  1. Stock up on ice – It’s not a slushie without ice – and you’ll want to have plenty on hand. If you’re lucky, your fridge makes ice on its own. If not, you can make your own using ice trays or buy bags from your local grocery or convenience store.
  2. Use real juice – You can avoid fake colors and flavors by instead choosing 100% juices. The stronger the flavor, the better. So go for juices like grape, pomegranate, or apple cider. You can also use frozen juice concentrates and add 2 tablespoons per serving.
  3. Make it bubbly – You can take your slushies up a notch by adding some bubbles! You can use whatever you have on hand – club soda, tonic water, sparkling water, or lemon-lime soda. Make it extra bubbly by adding them after you blend.
  4. Flavor packets – By stocking up on plenty of flavor packets, you can create a slushie whenever your kids have a craving. You can choose from flavors like root beer and green apple to bubble gum and grape. With both powder and liquid options, you’re guaranteed to find your favorite flavors.
  5. Consistency – You can play around with any recipe to find your perfect slushie consistency. Simply add more ice or juice/soda until you’ve got it just right.
  6. Serve immediately – Slushies are best served immediately – they don’t store very well. If you must, you can keep your slushie in the fridge or freezer for a short period of time.
  7. Double it up – If you have a large crowd, you can easily double up a recipe. Double all the ingredients except for the ice. You most likely won’t need that much ice. Go for about one-and-a-half times the original recipe and add from there.

5 Slushie Essentials to Invest In

While you may not need any fancy equipment to make a slushie at home, these 5 slushie essentials are worth the investment!

  1. Ninja Blender – Great slushies start with a powerful blender! This Ninja blender with ice-crushing technology will help you create perfect slushies, along with smoothies, sauces, and dips, without breaking the bank.
  2. Ice Cream Maker – Did you know you could make slushies in an ice cream maker?!? Simply add your ingredients, then check regularly until you get the perfect consistency.
  3. Zoku Slush and Shake Maker – If you don’t have a blender or you want to get the kids involved, this slush and shake maker is a great choice. You can create slushies right on your counter in as little as seven minutes.
  4. Silly Straws – Make those slushies extra special with a colorful, silly straw! Washable and reusable, there’s enough colors and shapes to share.
  5. Slushie Spoons – Your kids will love these fun-to-use slushie spoons. Just like the ones you’ll find at your local store or drive through, everyone will have a great time scooping and slurping!

13 Homemade Slushie Recipes to Try This Summer

  1. Real Homemade Icee | Laura Fuentes – As simple as it gets, this recipe combines just two ingredients without the harmful fake ingredients or excess sugar. You can get creative by adding the flavors that your kids love best.
  2. Easy Coca-Cola Slushie – The Frugal Girls – Coca-cola has always been a classic slushie flavor. This nostalgic recipe is so simple, you’ll find yourself making it all summer long.
  3. Strawberry Slushie | Feasting at Home – This slushie is healthy and delicious with only 3 ingredients. It is the perfect alternative to ice cream with fresh strawberries and maple syrup.
  4. Creamy Tropical Fruit Slushies | Foodie Crush – Icy, creamy, and full of tropical flavor, this recipe will make you forget about those handheld popsicles. Almond milk makes this recipe a great choice for those with milk allergies.
  5. Fruity Limeade Slushy | Eating Well – If you or your kiddos prefer something tart, this recipe is sure to be a favorite. Using fresh limes and frozen berries, it’s a delicious combination!
  6. Frozen Hot Chocolate | Food Network – A slushie doesn’t have to be fruity! Adults and kids will love this chocolaty, frozen treat. Make it extra special by topping it with whipped cream and sprinkles or chocolate shavings.
  7. Old-Fashioned Root Beer Slushies | All Recipes – Root beer is always a family favorite. Create a batch of root beer ice cubes and you’re on your way to enjoying a creamy, sweet treat.
  8. Easy Sonic Slushies | Mommy Hates Cooking – Make slushies that taste just as good as the popular drink spot. Using ingredients you probably already have at home, you can make one in minutes.
  9. Frozen Orange Slush | DIY Thrill – Orange soda is the key ingredient in this thirst-quenching slushie! You’ll achieve orange bliss with only two ingredients.
  10. Lemon Berry Slushy | All Recipes – This summertime drink is a combo of tart and sweet. Pour it in your favorite glass, add a straw, and enjoy!
  11. Fresh Fruit Slushies | Kitchn – If you’re looking for a healthier slushie option, this recipe is perfect! Real fruit, ice, and sparkling water come together for a tasty, ice-cold treat!
  12. Whole Fruit Slushies | Super Healthy Kids – Keep your kiddos hydrated with these whole fruit slushies. They’re sweetened with only honey and fresh fruit. The perfect frosty treat.
  13. Mocha Frappe Recipe | The Frugal Girls – We threw this one in just for the adults! Make a copycat Frappuccino right at home. If your kids are asking for their own, simply leave out the coffee or substitute with a decaf blend.

Can you believe how easy it is? With these 13 slushie recipes, you’ll be ready to create a refreshing, summer treat anytime!


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