When we were kids, Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with having a significant other. We exchanged Valentine’s with everyone in our class (maybe writing special notes for our best friends and our crush, of course), and there was no wallowing in being single whatsoever. We still dressed up in our cutest festive accessories and ate all the treats because it was officially the season of love. So when were we told to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day with our best girlfriends when we got older?

1. At-home spa night

When was the last time you and your friends wore face masks, painted each other’s nails, and relaxed together? Probably middle school, TBH. Gather at someone’s place and have all of your friends bring over their favorite self-care products to share (if it’s sanitary, of course). Place everything in the center and go at it with all the face masks, massage tools, scrubs, pumice stones, hair masks, nail polishes, and more. And if the nostalgia alone isn’t enough to convince you, just think about all the beauty products you’ll get to try—free of charge.


2. Take a bouquet-making class at a flower shop

If you’re absolutely dying to get out of the house but want to do more than your typical “dinner and drinks,” try signing up for a class somewhere. One of the coolest classes to take heading into spring is bouquet-making from a local flower shop. You’ll get all of the tools to make your own bouquet, learn how the pros do it from scratch, and get to take it home with you. Who said you needed a partner to buy you flowers? 


Source: Katarzyna Grabowska | Unsplash


3. Have a rom-com marathon

A movie marathon is an obvious choice, but sometimes, you gotta stick with the classics. Gathering around with a giant bowl of popcorn, a heart-shaped pizza, and a glass of vino is the quintessential Galentine’s Day activity. Want to kick it up a notch? Go for a theme. Maybe you watch everyone in the group’s favorite rom-coms. Maybe you watch a string of classics. You could opt for a handful of movies you’ve never seen. We also love going for a full series, like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. There are no bars to your movie night’s possibilities.


4. Host a book swap party

Anyone else have a pile of books lying around that you’ve recommended to your friends but forget to bring them every time you see each other? Same. Make it a whole event by inviting everyone to bring their favorite books to swap with the group. You’ll leave with a whole haul of new books to read, and then you can come together in a few months to swap them amongst one another again. This is a genius way to start a book club without even having to try, and everyone gets to save a few bucks. 


4. Take a fitness class together

Sometimes, getting everyone together for a night when everyone’s busy AF just isn’t happening, so why not make your Galentine’s Day something you already have in your schedule? If your crew is filled with workout lovers, pencil each other in for a shared class. Whether you all drop in at a boutique fitness studio, bring each other as guests to your gym, or just get together at someone’s place to do a class, it’s a fun way to spend a little time together that you don’t have to cram into your schedule. And if you’re in an LDF (long-distance friendship), this can easily be done virtually.


Source: @theyusufs


5. Go to a romantic dinner

Romance isn’t reserved for couples, especially on Valentine’s Day. Get your girls together in their cutest Valentine’s Day outfits, and hit the town to a fancy, romantic spot. Maybe you drop in for a cocktail somewhere before heading to a candlelit dinner. There’s no denying the fun you and your besties can have while sitting at the back of a dark restaurant, am I right? 


6. Have a PowerPoint party

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve definitely seen these. Everyone comes to the party with a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choice. It’s a funny way to come together and talk about everyone’s favorite topics, especially pop culture. Some ideas for your PowerPoint include: “Everyone in ‘Twilight’ I Could Beat in Hand-to-Hand Combat,” “A Definitive Ranking of Every Meg Ryan Rom-Com,” “How I Get Out of Bed Every Day Knowing I’m Not Marrying Chris Evans”—you get the idea. 



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