You’re determined to make this the best year for your career yet. Your motivation is running strong, but when it comes to actually making this happen, you’re a little stuck.

1. Take regular breaks with the Pomodoro Technique

Are you the type of person who sits at your desk for hours without realizing how much time is passing? Or, maybe you’re the type who finds yourself getting distracted every few minutes.

Either way, the Pomodoro Technique can be helpful. This time management approach requires that you split your workday into smaller, more manageable chunks (called pomodoros) and use a timer to track them. You’ll work for a stretch of 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. After completing four pomodoros, you reward yourself with a longer break of about 20 minutes.

What does this do for you? It boosts your focus by instilling a sense of urgency, because you’ll naturally want to get as much work accomplished in that 25-minute chunk as you can. Plus, it ensures that you get up from your desk every now and then, which is important for your brain and your body!



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