Emoji keyboards are like workout leggings—you can never have too many.


If you’re a fitness die-hard, downloading this app is priority numero uno. Gymoji is the staple of all fitness emoji keyboards—from wall-balls and bench presses to dumbbells and kettlebells, to meal prep containers and jugs of whey, this app has every fitness-related thing you could ever want, all in emoji-cartoon cuteness. You can even bug your gym partner with a “Spot me” or “Do you even lift bro?”


Every fit girl’s gotta eat—so after you get Gymoji, it’s only natural to follow up with a Foodmoji. If you’ve ever felt frustrated that the normal emoji keyboard is missing all your favorite noms, then this is for you; it has everything from Pop-Tarts and Nutella to Chinese takeout and avocados. (Because, ahem, we’re still waiting for these other new food emojis to pop up on our iPhones.) Warning: This will make you hungry.


Fleet Feet Sports just launched the emoji keyboard that every runner needs to download ASAP: Runmojis. From a porta-potty to race bibs and black toenails (just one of the casualties of running a marathon), this keyboard will relate to all your running feels. Grab it from the app store now.


Don’t forget about all our beloved gold-medal athletes just because the Olympics are over! These Gabbymojis, courtesy of Gabby Douglas, of course, launched just before the Rio Games and are all a gymnastics fan needs. You can download it right from the app store send a heart-eyed Gabby to a friend, or even personalize a balance beam message or send a GIF.

Fitmoji by Shaun T

If the free weights or insane boot camp–style classes are more your jam, your first download should be Shaun T’s Fitmojis—a mix of flexing body parts and pics of Shaun T wearing a bacon shirt (because, why not), as well as motivational audio and video tracks, GIFs, and customizable memes. You officially have all the fitspo you’ll ever need, just download it from the app store.

Starbucks Emojis

Since your diet won’t allow for a frap a day (come on, you guys, you know how many cals are in those things), you can at least send your friends a unicorn sipping a frap. That’s right—that’s one of the sticker options in the recently launched Starbucks emoji keyword. Your java addiction just got digitized. Download it from the app store here.


ICYMI the USA Track and Field Association released track emojis right before the Olympics to help you cheer on your favorite track stars. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to download them—these are beyond relevant for any recreational runner out there, too.


Gabby Douglas isn’t the only gymnast worthy of her own text-able cartoons; Rio Olympic all-around gold medalist Simone Biles (aka the best gymnast in the world right now) certainly earned her place in the emoji keyboard world. Enter: Simojis. You can challenge Simone on any apparatus—from floor to beam to bars—and even send a Simone “wearing” the dog Snapchat filter. Total Internet win.


If you’re part of the dedicated CrossFit crew, you know that the one weightlifting emoji in the regular keyboard just isn’t enough to describe your day-to-day workouts. Cue, WODmoji, the CrossFit emojis of your dreams. These little emoji athletes actually move, too—so you can check your form and relive all the pain of those pull-ups and double unders.


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