13 Fun and Easy Bubble Activities for Kids of All Ages | Bubbles are such a fun activity to enjoy with your children, especially during the summer months. Bubbles offer a great way to get kids outside, but there are also lots of ways you can enjoy them indoors. Whether you're a mom or dad looking for quick and fun activities for toddlers, or you're a teacher on the hunt for recess activities for preschool or for kindergarten aged kids, this post will not disappoint!

There’s no denying that kids love bubbles. They capture their imaginations and lead to plenty of giggles. And who doesn’t love watching a bubble float up and away on the breeze?

Bubbles help kids build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as explore their senses. They’re also a great way to burn off some extra energy!

We’ve made it simple by putting together a list of our 13 favorite bubble activities for kids.

13 Bubble Activities for Kids

  1. Paint a bubble masterpiece – This could possibly become your kid’s favorite art activity. All you need is bubble solution and food coloring to make different colors of bubble “paint”. Simply add a dew drops of food coloring into each container of bubbles, then dip a bubble wand into the solution and blow bubbles onto a sheet of thick paper. The colors will combine to create fun patterns and designs.
  2. Try out different bubble wands – There are many different things around the house that you can use to blow a bubble. Have the kids go on a hunt to find items that may work. Some ideas include key rings, scissors, cookie cutters, or toilet paper rolls!
  3. Blow a bubble with your hands – Who needs a bubble wand? You can create some amazing bubbles with your own two hands! Have your kids wet their hands and then rub hand soap all over them. Have them place their hands under running water for just a moment then remove them and rub them together to make them slippery and foamy. Then have them place their fingers or hands together to create a circle. A soap “skin” will form that they can blow through to create a bubble.
  4. Make a bubble in a bubble – Start by grabbing some bubble mix, a straw, and a plate. Pour about 1 teaspoon of bubble mix onto the plate and swirl it around until it covers the entire bottom. Place your straw into the bubble mix and blow gently until a bubble is formed that reaches the rim of the plate. Now place the straw into the top of the bubble and down into the bubble mix. Blow gently again until another bubble is formed! Keep going to create as many bubbles as you’d like.
  5. Create bubble towers – This activity is perfect for toddlers. Grab one cup per child and fill them with some bubble solution or water and dish soap. Place a straw into the cup and have your child blow through it. The bubbles will grow and expand, creating towers that will flow over the edge of the cup. If you’re doing this activity inside, have them hold their cups over a shallow pan or cookie sheet to catch the falling bubbles.
  6. Use a pool noodle – If you have pool noodles lying around, gather them up to create these fun bubble blowers. All you need to do is cut a pool noodle into various lengths. This part is best done by an adult. Then fill cake pans, pie pans, or rimmed baking sheets with bubble solution. Dip the ends into the solution and then blow!
  7. Make a bubble snake – For this activity you’ll need a clean sock, an empty plastic bottle, a rubber band, bubble mix, and a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure your bottle is clean, then use scissors to cut off the bottom end. Slide the sock over the bottom of the plastic bottle so it’s stretched tight. It should be covering the drinking end of the bottle. Once it’s in place, secure it with a rubber band. Then dip the sock end into the bubble mix and make sure it’s saturated. Point the bottle towards the ground then gently blow into the drinking end to create a long, bubbly snake!
  8. Make some Jello bubbles – These bubbles smell delicious! Grab a bowl and fill it with water. Add a little dish soap and half a packet of Jello or another flavored gelatin powder. Mix together for a sweet-smelling bubble solution. Use a wand to blow bubbles or place a straw in the bowl to create large mounds of bubbles. Be sure to watch your little ones in case they’re tempted to drink it.
  9. Create some glow-in-the-dark bubbles – Your kids will be “blown” away by this glowing bubble recipe. Start by combining 1 cup of water, 1 tsp of dish soap and a squirt of glow-in-the-dark paint in a bowl. Use one bowl for each color. When it gets dark, blow bubbles or create bubble towers outside. You can also use a black light if you have one, to enjoy the bubbles indoors.
  10. Chase some bubbles – This activity is simple, but it’s always a hit. Get outside and have your kids run around chasing bubbles and trying to pop them. You can blow bubbles with a wand or use an automatic bubble blower to create loads of bubbles at once!
  11. Stand inside a bubble – Your kids will have a blast being surrounded by a giant bubble. All you’ll need is a kiddie pool, a hula hoop, water, and dish soap. Fill the pool with 5 gallons of water and 10 cups of dish soap. Let the mix sit overnight. When you’re ready, place a hula hoop into the mixture and have your child stand in the middle. Make sure they stay still to avoid creating bubble foam. Gently lift the hula hoop straight up until they are standing inside a giant bubble!
  12. Create a beaded bubble wand – To make these colorful beaded bubble wands, you’ll need beads, pipe cleaners, and either wooden dowels or popsicle sticks. Start by stringing beads onto a pipe cleaner and bending it into a circle. Leave space at each end of the pipe cleaner to attach it to the dowel or popsicle stick. If it won’t stay in place, simply use a couple dots of hot glue.
  13. Make your own bubble solution – Kids will love mixing up a batch of their own bubble solution. To make it, mix 4 cups of distilled water with 1 cup of regular Dawn or Joy dish soap and ¼ cup of glycerin in a large tub. Stir well and allow it to rest for 24 hours before using it. Store in an airtight container.

2 Important Bubble-Making Tips

  1. Too much foam will prevent you from making strong bubbles, so avoid shaking your bubble solution before using it.
  2. The best time to make bubbles is on a cool, cloudy day. The bubbles will last much longer.

Bubbles never fail to bring a smile to people’s faces. We know your kids have a bubbly good time with this collection of 13 bubble activities.


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