14 Candy Science Experiments for Kids | If you're looking for fun science activities for kids you can do at home - or in the classroom - these ideas are educational, fun, and delicious! Whether you're looking for holiday specific ideas - Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter - or just want a fun way to enjoy candies like pop rocks, cotton candy, peppermint, and nerds, this post is full of STEM inspired experiments for kids of all ages and stages!

Kids love candy. And they love it even more when they get to play with it!

Parents love it when playtime also means learning. So, we’ve put together this list of 14 fun and delicious candy science experiments that will give you all the bonus points.

From exploding Peeps and rainbows made from Skittles, to candy potions and gummy bears that grow, your kids will want to try them all!

4 Candy Science Experiment Tips

These 4 tips will help make sure your candy science experiments go smoothly.

  1. Do a little prep – Science can get more than a little messy. So, you’ll want to prep the space you’ll be working on. Use plastic tablecloths on your work surface as well as the floor, and catch any mess by working on a plastic tray or cookie sheet. Don’t forget to dress your kids (and yourself!) in clothes you don’t mind getting covered in candy.
  2. Have some extra candy – You’ll want to have some extra candy on hand for your experiments. Things sometimes go wrong, and you’ll want to have extra candy for a do-over. Even if things go as planned, your kids may want to do the experiment again – and again!
  3. Choose fresh – Whenever possible, you’ll want to use fresh candy to make sure the experiment will work the way it should. One of the best times to try a candy science experiment is right after those big “candy” holidays – Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day – when you have plenty of extra candy on hand that you want to get rid of.
  4. Be patient – A good scientist knows that sometimes you need to try an experiment more than once before you get it right. If an experiment fails, it’s hard not to get discouraged. Let your child know that it’s just part of being a scientist.

14 Candy Science Experiments for Kids

The combination of science and candy is the perfect mix of playtime and learning. These 14 candy science experiments are a great way to keep your kids busy after school, during a school break, or anytime you’re looking for a hands-on way to keep them entertained.

  1. Candy Potions | Housing a Forest – Your little scientists will love mixing up a batch of these candy potions. They can create their own potion station with just about any candy you have at home. All you need are some test tubes, plastic tweezers and petri dishes, and your kids are ready to experiment!
  2. Skittle Density Experiment | Simple Living Creative Learning – Who knew these fun, fruity candies could teach kids all about the density of objects? Grab a bag of Skittles, a plastic pipette, and a few plastic cups, and get ready to create some colorful layers!
  3. Dissolving Candy Canes | Little Bins Little Hands – During the holidays, there always seems to be a supply of candy canes. This easy experiment is perfect for young kids. Get creative (and scientific!) by using a variety of different liquids you can find around the house to try and dissolve your candy canes.
  4. Spooky Pop Rocks & Soda | Lemon Lime Adventures – For this spooky experiment, you’ll need a bag of pop rocks, a couple latex gloves, and your favorite soda. The chemical reaction between the soda and the pop rocks will quickly become a favorite of your little mad scientist.
  5. M&M Experiment | Coffee Cups and Crayons – Can you dissolve the “m” off an m&m? That’s the goal of this experiment that uses everyone’s favorite candy-coated chocolate. Kids will love watching the colors dissolve, swirl, and spread as they make their own scientific observations.
  6. Gummy Bear Science Experiment | Frogs Snails & Puppy Dog Tails – This experiment is the perfect way for toddlers and preschoolers to dive into science. Grab a bag of gummy bears and some small bowls and find out what happens when a gummy bear spends a few days in a water bath. Your little ones will ask to do this activity again and again.
  7. Gummy Bear Edible Slime | Little Bins Little Hands – This isn’t your ordinary slime. Your kids will get excited to mix up a batch of this colorful creation. The texture and the consistency make it fun – and it’s tasty too!
  8. Lightning in Your Mouth | Candy Experiments – Kids can create a “spark” in the dark using some Wintergreen Lifesavers. By crushing the sugar crystals, you can create light. Younger ones will need the help of a grown up, but older kids will love doing it themselves!
  9. Exploding Peep Geysers | Housing a Forest – Kids won’t be able to resist this marvelous and messy experiment. You can use any type of Peeps, depending on what holiday happens to be close by. By microwaving these sweet treats, your kids can create a marshmallow explosion!
  10. Candy Bar Science Experiment | Reading Confetti – Sink or float? That’s what your kids will have to decide. After creating a hypothesis, it’s time to test out their ideas. This experiment is the perfect way to get rid of that extra Halloween candy.
  11. Candy Chromatography | Mama Miss – Chromatography is all about separating different substances. For this experiment, your kids will separate candy and its dye, and they’ll end up with a beautiful piece of art! You’ll want to have on hand some droppers, coffee filters, and a plastic tray.
  12.  Skittles Rainbow | The Science Kiddo – Skittles really are the perfect candy for science – that’s why we’re sharing another experiment with them! Get ready for an engaging activity that is bright and colorful, perfect for springtime or St. Patrick’s Day.
  13. Building Gumdrop Structures | Little Bins Little Hands – Your kids have probably built with Legos, but what about candy? Building structures out of gumdrops will help with fine motor skills and spark their interest in engineering. They can make it whatever they want it to be, whether it’s structured or more abstract.
  14. Starburst Rock Cycle | Lemon Lime Adventures – Your kids can learn about three different types of rocks with this sweet candy experiment. You’ll need a bag of Starburst, along with some wax paper and aluminum foil. Bonus: you get to eat the rocks that you create!

Now it’s time to grab your kids and your favorite candy and pick your favorite candy science experiments!


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