By now, we all know that traveling leaves a huge carbon footprint and that we need to make sustainable choices to mitigate our negative impact. Sustainable travel can no longer be a niche; it must be the norm. While we all learn to adjust our habits and preferred products, our purchasing power can support those businesses that are truly devoted to making these changes. 

We hope this list inspires you to replace any of those remaining single-use plastics (unless you need them for accessibility reasons!) and to instead enjoy the variety of choices available in these fantastic eco-friendly gifts for travelers.

Whether you’re treating yourself or you’re shopping for the woman in your life who loves to travel, this list can help pack that suitcase in a much more sustainable way.

And the best part of this list of environmentally-friendly travel items? All the businesses included are independent, woman-owned companies! So go ahead and support their efforts to make our lifestyles and travels more eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Women Who Travel 

Table Of Contents

  1. Eco-Friendly Gifts for Women Who Travel 
  2. 1. Journals/Notebooks
  3. 2. Solar-powered Lanterns
  4. 3-4. Bamboo Utensils 
  5. 5-6. Eco-friendly Candles
  6. 7. Eco-friendly Lingerie, PJs, Loungewear 
  7. 8. Ethical Jewelry 
  8. 9. Camera Bag
  9. 10. Luggage
  10. 11. Deodorant 
  11. 12. Throw/Blanket 
  12. 13. Watches
  13. 14. Cleaning Products
  14. 15-16. Solid Toiletries: Skin & Hair Care Gift Sets 
  15. 17. Portable Charger
  16. 18. Bicycle
  17. 19. Beeswax Wraps
  18. 20. Reef-Safe Sunscreen
  19. 21-22. Alternative Food Storage
  20. 23. Straws
  21. 24-25. Responsible Travel Company
  22. 26. A Global Community Resource

1. Journals/Notebooks

Many people love to write, take notes, and draw in a journal while traveling, which is why this is such a great gift idea! FA VO has simple, neutral, affordable, and high-quality notebooks. 

These journals are made from 100% recycled fibers that include by-products such as upcycled lavender, coffee, and other eco-friendly materials saved from landfills. When you buy one of their products, a percentage is also donated to the planting of new trees. Win-win!

2. Solar-powered Lanterns

Before we get into the details, can we focus on just how CUTE these eco-friendly lanterns are?! 

Inspired by origami, this lantern collapses for easy, on-the-go light. The solar puff lantern is made from recyclable PET sailcloth with UV protection and is made without PVC. 

Perfect for that upcoming camping trip, you can hang it easily, it’s waterproof, light, and boasts 12 hours of light! Solight also gives 10% of its profits to people in need.

3-4. Bamboo Utensils 

Swap out all your plastics for BAMBOO! Both these independent businesses have everything from bamboo utensils to bamboo toothbrushes. Check out the incredible variety from Bambu.

On the Green Tulip website, you’ll see icons next to each product indicating the ethical categories it falls into. You’ll also find additional information about the product’s ethics and general information about the brand that produces it. 

You’ll love how transparent and open they are; where possible, they buy from small suppliers and work closely with the founders to hear first-hand about their commitment to ethical sourcing. 

Great for those meals on the road, perfect for digging into street food, ideal for camping adventures…you can even just put the tiny travel pack in your purse!   

5-6. Eco-friendly Candles

Nightshift Wax Co creates beautiful candles from organic, American-grown soy wax, with premium grade fragrance oils, and natural cotton braided wicks to ensure their products are clean-burning, safe, and better for the environment. 

They ethically source their ingredients and they even have a blog all about reusing the jar: it’s a present within a present! The fragrances are super strong and will fill your home with cozy vibes.

Medium amber glass jar candle from Nightshift Wax Co

Another great eco-friendly candle company is Slow Made. They have beautifully presented candles and their amber jars give off a really classy vibe. If you love Piña Coladas, then you will love their Soleil candle. It will transport you to a beach, cocktail in hand! 

Slow Made reuse their packaging, all the materials are compostable or recyclable, and they also have a recycling jar program. They use all-natural, renewable, vegan coconut wax for a clean and complete burn.

Who doesn’t love getting (or giving) a candle as a gift?!

7. Eco-friendly Lingerie, PJs, Loungewear 

It’s truly difficult to find clothes that are organic, eco-friendly, and still stylish! Well, Azura Bay does all the research for you. They curate a collection of cute, comfy, and conscious lingerie, PJs, and loungewear from ethical brands, using eco-friendly fabrics and production processes as much as possible.

You even have the option of purchasing a gift card instead, so go ahead and give your traveler an eco-friendly gift to treat herself!

8. Ethical Jewelry 

Jewelry can be a wonderful reminder of home when you’re traveling or it can connect you to a memory of other places you traveled to along the way. 

Astor + Orion takes the waste and pollution out from the very beginning of their production. The company designs products to be endlessly recycled or composted to regenerate the earth. How cool is that? Plus they have some stunning pieces. 

9. Camera Bag

The Luna camera bag by Kelly Moore is the perfect size for everyday use, with a convenient shape and organizational features. It’s the ideal eco-friendly travel companion! 

This bag has seven pockets, including two zipper pockets, three interior clear pockets, a long slit pocket in the front, and includes an interior removable padded divider to hold camera bodies, lenses, and anything else you might need. 

With a crossbody strap, zipper closure with a magnetic button flap, the Luna is stylish, secure, and easily accessible! This bag is made with a Cambrio material, which is vegan-friendly, abrasion-resistant, and water-resistant.

A woman carrying a cream, black and brown coloured bag on her shoulder.

10. Luggage

Hate how luggage can be heavy and awkward to carry, leaving you with that all-too-familiar backache? Well, fear not, Lo and Sons make their luggage with the frequent traveler in mind. 

Each bag is thoughtfully designed with features like meticulously placed pockets, compartments for tech essentials, and elements for smooth travels like an adjustable sleeve for sliding over suitcase handles. 

Translation: less fumbling, more globetrotting as they say!

11. Deodorant 

As we all know, aerosols are super harmful to the environment, but Meow Meow Tweet has a great (baking-soda free) deodorant cream! It’s gentle and effective. The brand prides itself as always being ethical, low-waste, handmade, & cruelty-free. 

They use nourishing plant oils and butter to soothe and condition the underarm skin, and a potent blend of essential oils keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. 

The texture is like creamy cake frosting. 

Why is this a great eco-friendly gift for travelers? It doesn’t take up your liquid allowance and the jar is totally refillable. How handy is that? 

12. Throw/Blanket 

These days, throws aren’t just for your home. You can take them camping, glamping, or on road trips in RVs or converted vans! But finding ethically made throws can be challenging.

Weaver Green has the answer: a throw made entirely out of plastic bottles! 

They are HUGE and so incredibly warm, plus there are lots of different colors and styles to choose from. Bonus for frequent travelers: they are stain-resistant and machine washable for convenience. 

13. Watches

Be eco-friendly and stylish! Ksana watches are designed to be timeless. All of their watches are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they are produced in a solar-powered factory that recycles both waste and water wherever possible. 

The workforce also has high standards of work and safety and all employees are, of course, fairly paid. 

Not sure which watch to buy the traveling woman in your life? Gift cards are also available. 

14. Cleaning Products

Living Naturally sources soap nuts! This is an amazing gift for a traveler who is looking for a more natural, organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly answer to cleaning at home or on the road. 

The company has also found that soap nuts really help those with eczema! They are also so versatile. You could use them for laundry, stain removal, body wash, and shampoo while you’re traveling. 

15-16. Solid Toiletries: Skin & Hair Care Gift Sets 

Twinkle Apothecary by Stefanie has really lovely skincare gift sets. A big favorite is the coconut shampoo bar made especially for those who have dandruff! All her products are handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty-free.  

Tin full of solid shampoo

Another company we’re obsessed with is Corvus Botanicals. Their focus on sustainability includes zero-waste packaging, carbon offset + plastic-free shipping, responsible ingredient sourcing, plus a tree is planted with every order. Plus, just look how pretty these products are! 

They have shampoo and conditioner bars, exfoliating cubes, oils, lip/cheek tints, and so much more. All their products are stunning and well designed. Go check out the Amethyst Shampoo Bar, it’s so pretty you won’t want to use it! 

They also have bundles and a gift card option, both of which are ideal eco-friendly gifts for travelers.

17. Portable Charger

Every traveler needs a portable charger; it’s an absolute staple! Kreafunk by Amara is made from wheat straw fibres, which means 35% less plastic is used. Not only does it have a great battery life, but it also looks like a pebble! How adorable! 

Fashionable, small, and charges your tablets, too? It’s the complete package for any traveler.  

Portable charger on top of a marble effect surface.

18. Bicycle

Georgena Terry started her business by building bikes in her basement. She became the first person to market custom bikes designed specifically for women! 

The bicycle is made from steel, which costs half the price of a carbon fibre frame, taking into account the amount of greenhouse gases produced! 

Why is this a great present you ask? 

It’s completely customizable; you can choose the color and design you want and it will be designed specifically for your needs, riding style, and comfort, making it the perfect ride in every way.

For the eco-conscious traveler in your life, give her a set of wheels to explore more!

19. Beeswax Wraps

A plastic-free product that is all-natural, zero-waste, and completely eco-friendly! This is a gift for yourself, too! Finish the clingfilm and tin foil in your kitchen and get yourself some Beeswax wraps instead. They all have really pretty designs on them as an added bonus.  

Beeswax wraps not only last for up to a year, but the list of uses is truly endless! You can use them to wrap packed lunches, cover jars and bowls, use them as piping bags, store your veg, and more. 

For travelers, these are also ideal for wrapping up your bar of soap…because we got rid of those tiny plastic bottles of liquid, right??

20. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

This is for the hikers, the beach goers, and everyone in between! Kinfield Daily Dew is made and packaged completely in recyclable materials and their formula is vegan and cruelty-free! The best part is that it’s a mineral-based sunscreen that won’t put chemicals in the ocean.

Snorkelers, go forth and marvel at the underwater views without damaging the reef or getting a sunburn! 

21-22. Alternative Food Storage

Both of these companies have quirky and colorful products as alternative food storage for you to choose from. They both offer leak-proof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe products that are also freezer-friendly! 

These come in lots of different sizes so you can fit them into your bags or purse for hot or cold food on the go. Such a great gift for someone who is constantly traveling!    

We recommend the S’well Etas Prep Bowl and the Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Starter Kit.

Colourful silicon bags full of fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

23. Straws

These stainless steel and silicone straws are cute, compact, and the perfect gift for your mum, neighbor, second cousin, you name it. These can be a great alternative to those flimsy paper straws, plus they’re easy to clean and carry. 

They collapse into a case protecting the inside of your bag from fluids and you can connect that to your keychain. Being eco-friendly has never been so convenient!

24-25. Responsible Travel Company

We love the ethos of Origin Travels and their emphasis on GOOD travel. You can read all about their efforts in this article by founder Britt Kasco, 5 Ways to Make Your Next Vacation a Force for Good.

Another brilliant responsible travel company is Authenteco Travel. They plan your entire vacation from start to finish. And their service even includes a packing list, a personalized travel magazine, and a gift box containing gifts from local artisans and businesses in the places you’re going to visit.

On top of all that, these are just some of the things Authenteco does to ensure the holidays people take are good for the planet and local communities:

  • Personally vet the sustainability practices of each tour operator and supplier 
  • Support locally-owned and operated businesses
  • Carbon offset customers’ flights when they book through Authenteco
  • Suggest alternative — yet equally exciting — destinations to alleviate mass tourism
  • Ensure everyone behind-the-scenes and on-the-ground is paid a living wage

Our suggestion: Give your favorite traveler an eco-friendly vacation!

6 women sat on a beach wearing colourful swimsuits.
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

26. A Global Community Resource

While all of these eco-friendly gifts for travelers can be helpful, we at Wanderful believe that the greatest resource any of us can have is a supportive community. 

Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful - group photo on stage in Portland Maine 2019

If you’re a woman who travels and you’re trying to make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices, tap into our global community as a resource. Ask questions, share your own tips, and help all women to travel more…and to make those travels better for the planet in the process.

Take a look at our membership options and get ready to join the sisterhood!


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