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Digna cooks for the same reason she does everything else: for the health of her family. She wants to know everything that is in the food she provides. So, of course, she prefers her own cooking because she can have peace of mind knowing she only uses light, natural ingredients.

Her joy of cooking for her loved ones is, perhaps, the reason Digna has the energy to cook three healthy meals a day for a family of nine. And, did we mention she cooks her meals from scratch?

Instead of using exact measurements, Digna is a self-taught chef who learned to "eyeball" the amounts of ingredients needed to make all her food delicioso!

The only consistent rules she follows when cooking are:

1. Cook everything on low heat.

2. Always add love!

Here are some of her favorite recipes:

Corn Cake/Torta de Maíz

Chicken Soup/Sopa de Pollo

Digna’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Digna’s Shrimp Ceviche



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