This yoga routine requires minimal space and uses cramped quarters to enhance your practice (hello, wall support). To prove it can be done, we photographed the moves on a 24-×-68-inch yoga mat. Yes, you can do yoga anywhere!

Sun Salutations

Regular yoga sun salutations are a great way to get in some yoga without needing much space. Simply reach your arms straight up and down with the moves, rather than out, to prevent hitting any furniture or walls that may be close. This is also a great way to practice in a crowded class.

Handstands Using the Wall

Get a full-body workout in one pose, using the walls of a small space to your advantage.


A hip opener is a must in any yoga flow, and pigeon is a great one that requires no width.

Tricky One-Legged Standing Poses

The wall is a great help when you are working on finding single-leg balancing poses. Try dancer:

Drop Backs at the Wall

Your spine and entire body will thank you for closing out your yoga practice with a twist, especially after back bending. This eagle-legged variation of a supine spinal twist is perfect when you don't have space to stretch in both directions at once.


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