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Every year during ‘Cookie Season,’ you’re likely to be approached by some very cute girls with some very business-like sensibilities, asking you to buy some very delicious cookies. How much do you know about the Girl Scout cookie tradition?How many boxes of Girl Scout cookies are sold each year?27 million200 millionNot too shabby for a seasonal product! This equates to about $900 million in sales every year. Three-quarters of the proceeds go to the Girl Scouts councils (which overseas troops in a region), while 10-20 percent goes to the local troops who sell the cookies. The councils use the revenue to provide programs to troops and maintain camps, among other things.1 billion 1 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION True or false: Girl Scout cookie prices are the same everywhere.truefalseEach local council sets their own prices. This is based on how their market responds to sales, as well as how great the needs of the group are.It’s impossible to determine. 2 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION Which of these cookies does not have an alter ego/name?SamoasThin MintsDepending on which of the two bakers your particular council uses, your Trefoils might be called Shortbread, and your Samoas might be known as Caramel deLites. They could also taste a little different, as the bakers have their own spin on the recipe.Trefoils 3 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION During World War II, flour, butter and sugar were in short supply. What did Girl Scouts sell instead of cookies?calendarsThe war years meant Girl Scouts had to improvise, and they sold calendars instead in 1944.Victory Garden producetiny dolls in Girl Scout uniforms 4 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION Which two flavors are still available?Strawberries & Crème and Double DutchLemonades and Savannah SmilesStrawberries & Crème, Double Dutch and Daisy Go Rounds have all been discontinued. The rest are still available.Daisy Go Rounds and Thanks A-Lot 5 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION True or false: Girl Scout cookie purchases are tax-deductible.True, the Girl Scouts are a non-profit.False, how are you going to deduct something so delicious?That all depends.If you buy ’em and eat ’em, sorry! You can’t deduct them. However, if you buy them for charitable reasons or as part of a Girl Scout philanthropic program, you can ask for a tax letter. 6 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION Which of the following badges do the Girl Scouts NOT earn for their cookie-plying efforts?financial literacycookie businesssales starThere’s no badge for being a sales star (though maybe there should be)! 7 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION A local council has a bunch of cookie boxes left over at the end of the season. What happens to them?They’re divided up among the Girl Scouts.They’re distributed among local charities and food pantries.Waste not, want not, the Girl Scouts always say. They give leftovers to local pantries and charities.What leftover cookies? 8 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION Which cookie is the most popular?TagalongsThin MintsThe Girl Scout website lists Thin Mints as the most popular, which has been the case for years. In 2011 Thin Mints earned them a whopping $175 million, followed by in a distant second by Samoas at $133 million.Samoas 9 || finished)}”>SCROLL TO NEXT QUESTION What’s the record for most Girl Scout cookies sold in a single season?11,200 boxes18,107 boxesIn 2014, a Oklahoma girl sold 18,107 boxes of cookies. This broke a record of 18,000 boxes set all the way back in 1986.27,304 boxes 10 || finished)}”>FINISH QUIZ You Got: /10Mindy Schauer/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images


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