21 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | Whether you're looking for meaningful ways to share that you're expecting with close family and friends, or want a super special way to surprise your husband, wife, or kids, we've curated the best ideas to inspire you! This post has a range of creative announcements for different personality types - from cute and funny, to simple and unexpected, to picture perfect and cry-worthy, we've got it all!

Are you expecting soon? No doubt you’re anxious to share the big news with your partner, your family, and your friends. Whether you prefer simple and low-key, or you like to get creative in a big way, there is no shortage of ideas. Check out these 21 unique and meaningful pregnancy announcement ideas and pick your favorite way to share your good news!

21 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Personalize it
Simple, but always perfect, let those close to you know that a baby is on the way by personalizing a gift. Surprise them with a “Dad To Be” t-shirt, a coffee mug with “World’s Best Grandma”, or a “Favorite Uncle” baseball cap.

Say it with cake
Or cookies, or donuts, or chocolates… any treat will do. Top a cake with a special message or cake topper, hide your news inside a fortune cookie, or surprise someone with a box of donuts with “We’re Pregnant” written inside the lid.

Involve your pets
Let your favorite furry friend help you spread the good news. Order a custom bandana or shirt, or create your own with fabric and some fabric paint. You can also make a sign for them to wear around their neck and snap a photo to share.

Make a toast
Grab your partner for a very special toast (non-alcoholic for you of course!). Then surprise them with their favorite six-pack or bottle of wine wrapped in a custom label letting them know you’re expecting.

Write it down
Nothing is more personal than something you write yourself. A handwritten note or card to your partner or family sharing the news will be something they will always remember. For an extra special touch, tuck in an ultrasound photo.

Involve the siblings
Get an older sibling(s) involved in making the big announcement. Buy or make custom shirts letting everyone know they’re the older brother or sister. Or have them hold a sign then snap a photo to share.

Holiday card
The holidays are a special time, and a holiday card is the perfect way to get creative with your announcement. Be subtle by hiding a message in the photo or let the whole world know by holding up a sign with the big news.

Share on social media
Let everyone know you’re pregnant by sharing the news on social media. Take a pic of the two of you holding the ultrasound photo or pregnancy test, or share a photo of a tiny pair of baby shoes.

Take advantage of the seasons
Carve “We’re Pregnant” in a pumpkin, hand out some personalized candy hearts with “Baby on the Way”, spell it out in the sand at the beach, personalize a Christmas ornament, or hide the announcement in a plastic egg.

Take a special photo
Surprise your significant other or your entire family by announcing your pregnancy with a photo. While they’re smiling at the camera, reveal your secret without letting them see – until they see the photo!

Piece it together
Let someone piece it together with a puzzle. Write the message on the back or have a special puzzle made. When they connect the final pieces they will be surprised with the big news.

Hidden words
Hide a message in the bottom of a coffee cup, or written on a plate under an extra-special dessert. You can have a message printed or you can create your own with a pen made just for ceramics.

Personalized scratchers
Order custom scratchers to share that you’re expecting. Once they’ve found out they won, the prize box will reveal the big news. Make sure you’re there to snap a photo of their reaction!

Make a special playlist
Go with the baby theme and announce your pregnancy with a special selection of songs. Create a playlist you can share with songs that have “Baby” in the title.

At the movies
If you or your partner is a movie buff, you can really get creative. Design a custom movie poster or share your “coming soon” announcement on a marquee .

Spell it out
Announce your pregnancy by spelling out your news in a creative way. You can use a letter board, a Scrabble board, some alphabet blocks, custom balloons, or even a message written on your belly! Then snap a photo and share away.

Create a custom image
You can find plenty of editable templates online. All you need to do is add your own special message then share it with the ones you love.

An artist’s touch
Do you or your partner have an artistic flair? You can create a special drawing or painting yourself or find a local artist to make something for you. Then simply give it to someone special or share it online with friends and family.

Unscramble the big news
Print out a message for your partner or family to unscramble. You can also create a special code to help them unlock the news that you’re expecting.

Make a video
Put together a video to share with your partner or make one together to let everyone know you’re pregnant. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a big production. A simple message or collection of photos and images will do the trick.

Host a movie night
Invite friends and family over for a movie night they won’t forget. Cue up a selection of pregnancy-themed movies and serve baby-themed foods like baby carrots and baby back ribs. Wait and see how long it takes for someone to figure out your secret.

Now that you’ve found some inspiration, it’s time to choose your favorite and get to sharing!


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