Notice the very helpful “Up” reminder

Let’s talk about a recent Go Girl hot topic– the Go Girl Female Urination device.

That compact pink tube containing the Go Girl FUD has been in my purse at almost every event where I could possibly find it useful- a fashion show, the airport, and a concert or two- but I still didn’t find a time where I felt comfortable using the flexible lavender funnel (which now oddly reminds me of the one I used as a little girl to refill my water baby, but I digress).  

It says a lot about a product, that although I was interested in using, I found it to be inaccessible for most restroom circumstances.

So, I decided to try it at home. Other than giddy anticipation for an interesting bathroom break, all I got was a mess.  

Maybe with practice it would become more useful, but to be honest, I held my own (or rather, didn’t… bad pun, I know) in Spanish clubs, camping trips, and while touring India.  

It just isn’t the product for me.  

As one friend said when she saw the cup, “If you are wearing pants, there still is going to be trouble. You’ll need a longer hose.” You can’t make this stuff up.

HOWEVER, a product that I found extremely helpful when traveling abroad and while camping was my Mooncup.  

It is a menstrual cup that I suggest every lady try.

There are several different versions including the Diva Cup and a disposable brand, but all essentially do the same thing – they make traveling while on your period simple and clutter-free.

They aren’t for the queazy or faint of heart, but they are economical, green, and comfortable once you get used to using them.  

You will never run out of tampons or feminine napkins again, and it will take up a lot less space in your travel bag. I swear that they are easy to care for, even on the road, and you can swim while wearing it.

Imagine not having to worry about buying feminine products for a year, while using a product that is environmentally responsible and better for you.

Did you know that it is estimated that women use an average of 9,000 tampons in their lifetime?  

Tampons are bleached and often come from cotton treated with pesticides; definitely not something I want anywhere near my lady bits on a monthly basis.

Anyway, check out the links and send any questions you might have my way.  

We might have the ability to pee standing up with the Go Girl device, or make monthly life as a lady easier and more responsible with the Mooncup, but either way, keep the adventures flowing (I know, enough with the bad puns).


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