The elation when they cross the finish line. The way they make it look easy, fast, and exciting. If you're anything like us, the guys in the Tour de France bicycle race have made you feel totally inspired to grab your bike and hit the road. While you might not be tackling 3,642 kilometers-that's 2,263 mile of flat and mountainous terrain-you can head out to nearby bike trails, hit the streets, take a spinning class or even sign up for local bicycle races and rides. Check out our top cycling tips and you'll be cruising like a Tour de France bicycle pro.

1. Find the Right Bike For You

Bike shops don’t have to be intimidating; just take these strategies with you. We’ve consulted the pros to find out what you need to know to get your perfect bike, no matter how you plan on using it-commuting, racing, or hitting the hills-even if your last one had tassels and a basket.

2. Shifting 101

Maybe you never learned how to shift properly or maybe you need a refresher since your days of after-school bicycle races. Check out these simple rules that will make cycling easier and have you tackling hills like a Tour de France bicycle pro.

3. How To Fix A Flat

She may not be headed to the Tour de France any time soon but Giant professional mountain bike racer Kelli Emmett knows a thing or two about how to fix a flat on the road. Watch as she shows you how to remedy a bum tire-and never be stuck phoning a pal to pick you up after a blowout again!

4. Indoor Cycling Plan

Even if the Tour de France isn’t in the cards, you can still reap the rewards of a challenging ride. Get a sexier, leaner body at the gym or in your own home with this indoor cycling plan, created by Gregg Cook, a cycling instructor at Equinox Fitness in New York City. It burns up to 500 calories per session.

Go Somewhere Interesting: Map Your Rides Here


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